8 Superpowers That Make Supergirl a Must-Have in Every Girl’s Closet

Superman is one of the world’s most iconic heroes, often referred to as “Man of Steel.” But recently another superstar has taken his place: Kara Zor-El, Clark Kent’s cousin who has emerged as a hero in her own right.

Supergirl is the most powerful teenager on Earth, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her powers range from superhuman strength and enhanced senses to flight. And while she’s still learning how to control them, Supergirl has already saved the world numerous times, earning herself a place among Earth’s heroes in the process.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this superheroine so remarkable and why she should be in every woman’s closet. Here are eight of her most impressive abilities:

Supergirl’s Hearing Abilities

Supergirl has always had an impressive ability to hear people from far away, and her hearing capabilities have only grown more valuable as time goes on. From terrified civilians’ screams to enemies’ voices, Supergirl’s ability to perceive sounds from miles away has never been more useful.

Her hearing also extends to frequencies and super-sonic and subsonic sounds, making her highly skilled at snooping on bad guys. This is especially useful as it allows her to identify their intentions and strategies before they’ve had a chance to start.

She can use her voice to communicate with other beings, like the DEO and Brainiac 5. Additionally, she’s an excellent listener – which comes in handy when her team is on the go!

Speed is essential for any hero. Whether it’s outrunning bullets or spaceships, Supergirl has to be fast! Her speed allows her to get where she needs to be in a fraction of the time compared to The Flash; although she may not be quite as quick as him, she certainly keeps up.

Invulnerability is another superpower that can be an asset when fighting evil. With it, she’s protected from external elements and also capable of withstanding attacks from her opponents without suffering harm.

This is an amazing power to have, as it gives her the flexibility to do whatever she pleases in the moment. This comes in especially handy when confronting villains with superhuman strength or speed; being able to protect herself from these dangers allows her to feel more secure during battle.

Hot Breath

As the title of this article implies, Supergirl can use her breath to propel enemies away or freeze them solid. She does this through various methods – puffing out her cheeks when she wants something blown up or cooling down her breath before an enemy gets close enough to hit her.

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