Chel Dorado (Movie Review)

Chel Dorado is an animated movie produced by DreamWorks that premiered in 2001. It follows two con artists (Tulio and Miguel), as they win a map to El Dorado, a city located in the New World. When they accidentally wash ashore, they discover they have been mistaken for gods by those living there.

They then embark on a scam to make their fortune. Unfortunately, this leads to numerous complications that ultimately result in Tulio and Miguel losing the gold they sought.

Chel develops a close friendship with Tulio and Miguel throughout their adventure. She attempts to aid them with their scam, eventually allowing them to take her back home with them to Spain.

She is highly adventurous and enjoys exploring. In her free time she plays a ball game with the children of El Dorado, replacing the ball with an armadillo to win. Tulio becomes her romantic interest and they eventually begin dating.

Chel is a young South American Native woman. She features long, straight black hair with flat bangs that reach her thighs, brown skin with pink lips, and wears a white skirt/loincloth as well as pink, red and white crop tops that show off her midriff. Additionally she accessorizes with turquoise earrings and bracelets.

Some have even compared Chel to Kida from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, though she does not appear quite so similar. In the film, Kida is a princess while Chel is not.

Chel is a beloved meme character whose likeness has been recreated by cosplayers. She also appears in numerous animated films.

She is a stunning young Native woman from South America that has been depicted in various forms. She often gets compared to Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire due to their similar design, though she does not appear as sexualized.

Tulio and Miguel first encounter Chel while she is running away from guards at a temple, saving them from punishment. After saving her, the two become friends and she helps them set up their scam plan.

Chel becomes close to Tulio during their trip and eventually begins a relationship with him. She is cunning and clever, eager to discover more about Tulio and Miguel. Furthermore, Chel has a compassionate nature; she wants to do whatever possible for them both.

She manages to convince Tulio and Miguel that they are not gods, yet she keeps their secret in order to receive her share of the gold. Eventually, she returns to Spain and begins a new life with Tulio.

Though The Road to El Dorado has often been disparaged, it still has its fans. It’s a humorous movie that managed to generate some box office receipts and its writing has stood the test of time well. The characters are an interesting mix of serious and silly, while the animation style was something new at the time; tradigital animation would become increasingly important in feature animation in years ahead.

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