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Cindy Aurum – Final Fantasy XV Mechanic

Cindy is a mechanic for the Noctis and his crew at Hammerhead Body Shop in Leide. She received her skills from her grandfather Cid and has an infectiously cheerful outlook on life.

She serves as Noctis’ main mechanic on her car, the Regalia, and supports them throughout their adventures with unfailing dedication. She has earned a reputation as an honest and hard-working mechanic who not only services the vehicle but also customizes it according to Noctis’ preferences.

The sculpture and paintwork for the figure faithfully reproduce her iconic look, from her classic Hammerhead hat and jacket to her toolbox. All of the fine details have been meticulously recreated to reflect reality while taking on a patina from daily usage.

Cindy Aurum – Final Fantasy Cosplay Pics

Her head features the usual PAK action figure features, with good range of motion for a non-fighter. However, there is a slight gap when looking up due to her soft hair and collar from her jacket.

The shoulder swivel is somewhat limited, but it still allows for some nice forward and backward movement when the elbows are swung. Although these legs are ball-hinged instead of double-hinged like most other PAK figures, this doesn’t restrict their range as much compared to double hinges – especially when performing kicks or splits.

Bandai’s Figure of the Day figure is a finely crafted item with some great details. It comes complete with its own display stand and interchangeable hand parts, all packaged in an attractive coffin-style box featuring magnetic closure.

Cindy is one of the iconic characters in Final Fantasy XV. A mechanic with an infectious enthusiasm, Cindy loves cars and has a friendly demeanor that shines through her work. Despite having experienced difficult childhood years, Cindy always manages to remain positive and enthusiastic about life. Although Cindy has many admirers and suitors, she prefers to remain “married to her work”.

Atutcha’s Cindy is an impressive representation of the character, her dedication to her job evident in her jacket which is covered in grease and worn to perfection.

GuD0c’s image of Cindy is an ideal choice for fans, as it perfectly captures both her work ethic and enthusiasm. The scuff marks on her face reflect her upbeat disposition, while the eyes and smile have an almost mischievous quality to them.

Cindy not only has an upbeat and positive personality, but she’s also quite attractive with an enviable physique. This makes her a great cosplay option for female gamers looking to dress as characters from the game.

This scale for a PAK figure is decent, though not quite on par with other figures such as Lara Croft or Hatsune Miku. She stands taller and heavier than her counterparts, so cosplaying her may present more challenges if you’re not an experienced FFXV cosplayer.

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