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Himeno in Chainsaw Man Episode 8

Himeno was one of Makima’s original members. Her parents forced her to work for them as a means of supporting her other nine siblings, and she has demonstrated remarkable speed, reflexes and an affinity for wielding knives.

She holds the Ghost Devil Contract, giving her control of a part of the Devil’s body in battle. With an intense desire to eliminate Aki Hayakawa, she made an unbreakable deal with the Ghost Devil: in exchange for all of its organs, she will sacrifice everything in order to assist Sawatari and his team of Public Safety Devil Hunters in taking down Aki Hayakawa.

The Ghost Devil gives in to Himeno’s demands, granting her control of both its arms in combat. Her actions are clearly motivated by love for Aki and a burning desire to see him alive again. But her perseverance does not go unrewarded as the Ghost Devil’s contract with Sawatari comes to an end when she is defeated by a hybrid created from Katana Man and Aki’s sword.

Himeno Cosplay Pics

Her death in the final episode may have come as a shock to some, but Chainsaw Man used it as an opportunity to further develop Himeno into a more realistic and relatable character. Rather than attempt to capture her mystic anime style stoicism when faced with anticipated death, Heeno’s personality could be explored through scenes involving her drunken antics and down-to-earth behavior.

1. Himeno’s drunken state was more relatable and genuine than that of many of the other characters.

Himeno was heavily intoxicated at the start of Episode 8. Her drunken antics and down-to-earth attitude proved far more captivating than any past romance or flashbacks related to her relationship with Aki Hayakawa. These scenes gave Himeno a human side that her earlier stoicism would suggest.

2. Her final contract with the Ghost Devil left her body in disarray.

Himeno offered up her body to the Devil as compensation for full powers, which he accepted with a grim smile. As parts of her body started disappearing under attack from the Demon, parts of it began to unravel.

Her character arc was relatively short, yet her death added more depth and emotional impact than most of the other characters in Chainsaw Man who shared similar time frames. Thus, Himeno serves as an excellent example of how Chainsaw Man’s goofy gore can be applied on top of otherwise straightforward characters to create a deeper impact for viewers.

3. Her Final Contract With the Ghost Devil Was a Sacrifice

Himeno’s death is tragic for many, but it is only part of the story. Her ultimate sacrifice at the climactic conclusion of Episode 8 was necessary to fulfill her contract with the Ghost Devil and save Aki’s life.

Himeno’s brave and heroic sacrifice of herself for her loved one was an inspiring act. It served as a testament to her devotion and affection for Aki, making it the ideal conclusion to her story. Himeno had become beloved characters from manga and anime series alike, making her presence felt within Makima’s experimental squad.

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