Himeno – The Devil Hunter From Chainsaw Man

Himeno is a character with an emotional past, yet she carries a vibrant personality to hide it. In Chainsaw Man, Himeno plays the Public Safety Devil Hunter who has an intense affinity for Aki Hayakawa and wishes to protect him at all costs.

Himeno is a firm believer in karma and the importance of living for those you love. As such, she often puts her own life on the line to protect those close to her, including other Devil Hunters from the Special Division, especially Aki.

She is an experienced devil hunter with the power to summon and control the Ghost Devil. Additionally, her proficiency at hand-to-hand combat makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Her strength and agility allow her to slash enemies with multiple swords. This talent is one of her most prized assets, which she uses in aiding Denji in his battles against the Gun Devil.

Himeno has an intense bond with Aki and considers him her Nakama (guardian spirit). She holds him in high regard and always looks out for him.

Himeno is not only an expert devil hunter but she also possesses great culinary skills and loves baking cakes. Additionally, she enjoys drinking beer and gives out kisses passionately.

Chapter 22 of the manga and Episode 9 of the anime see Himeno attempt to seduce Aki into smoking a cigarette, but she must promise him that she’ll let him do so when he reaches 18 years old.

Later, Sawatari offers him a cigarette bearing the message “Easy Revenge!” This memory of Himeno’s zen-like mindstate is all that can stir him to remember his feelings for Aki; thus, he ultimately defeats the Ghost Devil to put an end to Sawatari’s reign of terror.

Himeno’s sacrifice is both heartbreaking and eerie, yet it also highlights her deepening bond with Aki. After asking Denji to set them up, Himeno wanted to protect him at all costs.

As a young girl, Himeno used to dream of becoming a devil hunter. Her fantasy came true when she joined Public Safety alongside Aki.

Her relationship with Aki was one of the primary motivators that initially attracted her to Public Safety Division, and she has always been willing to go above and beyond in order to protect him.

She’s a hardworking and dedicated teammate who always looks out for her friends.

Himeno has many personal goals and ambitions, but she also has a deep-seated loyalty and devotion for those she loves. Knowing how quickly people become cold and numb with repeated losses, Himeno strives to protect those closest to her by staying alive as long as possible.

Himeno’s ultimate sacrifice in Chainsaw Man was an epic loss for herself and those she cared about, leaving viewers with haunting images of her heartbreaking demise. It’s a dark and eerie episode for the series, yet also one of its most believable and sympathetic.

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