Kill La Kill Cosplay: Ryuko Matoi+Satsuki Kiryuin

Kill La Kill Game & Series

Fans of the 2013 anime series Kill la kill will be delighted to know there is now a video game version! ‘Kill la Kill the Game: IF’ is an arena fighter with all the looks and feels from the original anime series.

But it also features some intriguing mechanics you might not be familiar with, like wall-splatting, Crumple states and Oki.


In fighting games, a wall-splat is an attack that sends your opponent flying backwards while drawing them in. It usually triggers with a combo ender, though certain characters possess normal attacks and special moves which do it outside this context.

This technique in Kill la Kill is often underrated. Your opponent usually wakes up from a wall splat’s hit stun and then you have an opening for any mixups you put into place when landing it, making this an excellent opportunity to capitalize on it.

The great thing about this trick is that it’s both straightforward and quick. However, to maximize its effectiveness, you need some insight into your opponent’s combos. Unfortunately, the tutorial does not adequately explain these concepts so be sure to do some reading before entering your first match!

Crumple states

Crumple states can occur after certain wall-splats, long-range attacks or at the end of a combo. Though their origin remains mysterious, these states can be an invaluable tool in Kill la Kill as they almost always guarantee an instant follow-up with another combo or special move.

We’ve all witnessed the powerful kinetic force that occurs when two cars collide, but imagine the forces involved in a train collision. Because trains weigh many times more than cars do, their impact can be many dozens or even hundreds of times greater.

This force is absorbed by a crumple zone, an area of the vehicle which deforms evenly during impact, reducing shock and absorbing energy from the crash. This helps occupants survive the incident and avoid injuries.

Bloody valor

Arc System Works did an outstanding job bringing Kill la Kill to life with vibrant blue backgrounds and eye-catching red text splashed across the screen. Character models are sharp, well-animated, and full of personality.

Combat in this game is fast-paced, with plenty of combos to avoid. A key mechanic called Bloody Valor reenacts the Rock/Paper/Scissors Clash from Injustice 2.

Players initiating Bloody Valor have the option to choose life recovery, meters or additional damage. They win if they beat the defender’s options or tie with their own.

Players who achieve Bloody Valor status unlock character-specific perks. These can range from increased walking speed to an upgrade of one of their EX attacks, plus they receive a special insta-kill that instantly eliminates an enemy.


Oki (Japanese: ) is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers and a top provider of computer peripherals. Established in 1881 in Tokyo by Kibataro Oki, an engineer who had collaborated on Japan’s first domestically produced telephones, Oki has grown into one of the world’s foremost computer hardware producers.

In 1953, Oki’s Shibaura plant was rebuilt and the company resumed production of telephones and radios. A year later it entered into a joint venture with Raytheon, an esteemed American defense electronics contractor, to manufacture radar equipment.

As the company developed, it also ventured into international business. For example, during the 1960s, it constructed a nationwide communications network in Honduras and an interregional one in Bolivia.

The Oki Islands, situated off the coast of Honshu in Japan, boast several stunning natural attractions. They’re renowned for their delicious seafood – particularly rock oysters and Sazae – as well as for their beef production which is raised outdoors on grasslands for an unique taste and flavor.

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