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Marie Bunny Wifey

Marie Bunny Wifey hails from Russia but has made Spain her new home. As a gamer, cosplayer and boudoir model she is well known for her sexual photos and videos with various outfits – she even boasts over 3.1 Million TikTok followers!

What’s Her Life Like?

Bunnie Xo is an accomplished multi-talent. As a podcaster, radio personality and mother; her marriage with Jelly Roll, who has an age difference of six years between them has lasted almost 20 years; together, they boast over three million TikTok followers combined!

Her and Her Husband’s Story: Although this couple has had an uncertain past, they were able to persevere by remaining true to one another and remaining together throughout. Furthermore, they persevered through an embarrassing public breakup, emerging stronger and more loving than ever.

What is her TikTok name? Bunnie Xo has often been called “Jelly Roll’s wife”, which makes her angry when people make fun of her looks alone. However, she believes people should not be judged based on looks alone and has managed to overcome negative childhood experiences to become stronger as an individual. Now, her goal is helping others find love and happiness within themselves.

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