Princess Peach

Princess Peach is one of the most beloved characters in all of Mario history. She serves as both Mario’s love interest and one of video gaming history’s most enduring icons.

She is a charming, girly princess who enjoys spending time with her friends. She usually keeps things positive and upbeat in person; but sometimes you may hear her giggle or feel the hurt when things don’t go as planned.

She has appeared in 61 Mario games, with 41 being playable as of June 2016. She is one of the most frequently played female video game characters.

The word “Peach” is derived from the Japanese word momo, meaning “true fruit” or “burning fruit”. In Japan, it’s used as an epithet for someone who possesses stunning beauty and great success.

Peach was born in the Mushroom Kingdom and raised as a native. As her father served as royal guard of the kingdom, Peach was taken away by Bowser when she was young. Years later, she helped Mario save his kingdom from being invaded by Bowser – though she has never forgiven him for his actions.

Princess Peach enjoys the protection of her royal guards, the Toads, in her castle in her homeland kingdom. There she enjoys an expansive garden full of flowers and trees – this being her favorite spot to relax.

Peach loves to spend her free time traveling, riding bikes and playing the piano. She also likes to dress up in dresses and hats with matching accessories like pink hairbands and blue scrunchies. When not working at her castle, Peach enjoys exploring new places with friends.

She often wears a floor-length pink gown with puffy sleeves, collar, and dark pink layer at the edge. Additionally, she sports a light blue circular brooch as well as white gloves that reach up to her forearms.

Peach always wears her dress and crown, as well as earrings and a blue scrunchie that ties in her ponytail. When competing in an Olympic event, Peach typically dons either a pink leotard with darker pink trim on the sides for gymnastics events, or a pink sleeveless mini dress for swimming or other water sports.

When participating in sports such as football or rugby sevens, she may wear a brown harness belt and magenta knee-high socks instead of her usual dress. Furthermore, different colored shoes are sometimes seen accompanying her.

Peach has never been married or had children despite her many roles and appearances. Nonetheless, she shares a close friendship with Princess Daisy of Sarasaland that dates back to their shared childhood days.

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