Samurai Jill Cosplay – Merry Christmas From the Clown Princess of Crime

Samurai Jill has been spreading holiday cheer with festive cosplays this holiday season, including this hilarious Harley Quinn featuring Santa hat and furry trim on her bodysuit that resembles Margot Robbie’s movie-accurate version. Additionally, Supergirl pinup style twisting Supergirl as well as Jessica Rabbit holiday themed cosplays have also been created!

Samurai Jill is a professional cosplayer, con host and content creator from Pittsburgh. A life-long enthusiast of film, animation and video games for decades before finding her niche in cosplay in 2017, Samurai Jill has played numerous Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Jurassic World characters including Captain America.

Claire Dearing from Jurassic Park: The Game discovers Nedry’s Barbasol can from Jurassic Park: The Game on an island, darkened, tinted and referenced by an image by Jeff Zoet Visuals.

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