Tabitha Lyons Cosplay

Tabitha Lyons Cosplay has amassed thousands of social media followers thanks to her bold costumes that bring iconic characters to life. Additionally, she runs UK based prop company Artyfakes which works with gaming companies on characters, trophies and props that come alive – and acts as costume judge on Sky 1’s King of the Nerds! Currently living with her dad and dog in England.

We caught up with her to talk about the summer ahead; convention plans, pressure of being a celebrity cosplayer, and whether entertainment companies should allow fans to express themselves freely through cosplay.

How did you first become interested in cosplay? My interest in cosplay began at an early age; as a kid I loved dressing up and playing dress-up with friends. At 18 I began doing it professionally – ever since then it’s been an amazing journey!

What advice would you offer new cosplayers? My advice to new aspiring cosplayers would be to select a character they enjoy cosplaying as much as possible and have fun doing it; that is the essence of cosplay! Don’t be intimidated by rules; breaking them can add so much character! Just bring along make up wipes just in case!

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