Zero Two – Characters and Background Information

Zero Two is an elite Parasite and integral member of the APE Special Forces. She is a half-human/half-klaxosaur hybrid who has been serving APE on the frontlines since she was young, refering to Hiro as her “darling”. Zero aspires to become fully human so she can pilot the FRANXX Strelizia.

Her personality is similar to Anemone from Eureka Seven and Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online. She’s a strong female character who takes great pride in her abilities, yet also admits her mistakes and displays compassion towards those around her.

She is one of the most beloved waifus, with her anime receiving glowing praise for its character development. Unfortunately, some scenes in the series had some viewers feeling scared; however, others found comfort in them.

On the show, she suffered from severe depression. Her wild nature became out of control and she started to hate herself for being different than other klaxosaurs; eventually vowing to murder many so she could become human.

As she regained Hiro’s memories, she was able to recognize that they remained connected. This realization caused her to define herself based on how others saw her; therefore, when she attempted to kiss him but was rejected by him, it made her regret her actions and hurt his feelings.

She was shown to have difficulty forming friendships. At first, she seemed self-centered but eventually warmed up to her teammates, especially after spending more time with Kokoro and Mitsuru – whom she initially developed a bond with.

Another illustration of her growing pains was when she attempted to seek revenge against the other parasites for denying her access to Hiro. Though impulsive and easily angered, it didn’t take long for her to realize that what she did hurt Hiro inadvertently.

At the end, she demonstrated her character growth by self-sacrificing to save the world. With all of her emotional baggage, this scene allowed viewers to witness just how much she cared for other parasites and civilians alike.

Her relationship with Hiro was a central feature of the series. As half-human and half-klaxosaur hybrid, she wasn’t used to receiving affection; this made it harder for her to control, but eventually she was able to rekindle her affection for Hiro.

Throughout the series, she became more emotionally invested in her friends and teammates. When they decided to have a wedding, she stood by them by sharing her drawings of what the dress would look like – even offering advice on choosing it!

She showed a more caring side when she helped Kokoro and Mitsuru. This was an enormous step for her, demonstrated through small yet meaningful acts such as helping Kokoro clean her hair.

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